Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Food Roundup!

It has been months since I posted a Food Roundup, what I chose to replace my WIAW with. How do I get so behind on this stuff?!

Keep in mind, most of these pictures were taken long before I decided to get rid of gluten and legumes.

In any case, this makes for a fun post to look at... AKA, LOTS of pictures! Lets see how many times I repeat a meal, shall we? ;)


A return of sweet eggs! AKA Paleo Pancakes 

Banana dipped in almond butter and coated with walnuts.

Almond milk! With cinnamon.

Yikes. More pancakes. With peanut butter. 

Almond milk, with a sweet potato and some ground turkey. 

Avocado, some (slightly undercooked... yikes) boiled eggs, and home made hot sauce.


Hard boiled egg with some steamed spinach and tomato. 

I have a hummus problem. Now that I am legume free (or at least free of legumes that aren't properly prepared), I will miss this. 

I had a sample of some Braggs seasoning, and I used it sauting some veggies. Kind tasted too fishy for veggies. 

Turkey stew with avocado! 

Sweet potato with Stuffed Chicken 


Some grilled chicken breast, sauteed veggies, and sweet potato. 

Can I get enough veggies yet? I just LOVE coating up a big batch of who knows what rainbow of veggies in coconut oil. This was with some leftover chicken, and soome nooch. 

Black Eyed Pea version of Savory Lima Beans. 

Me and my odd food combinations. Sweet potato, with hemp hearts and mustard. 

More veggies!

Turkey stuffed bell peppers. I have a recipe on the way for this! 

Some more leftover Turkey Stew.

Lol! I am so wonderful at remembering to take pictures. I had already started eating and remembered to snap a pic. Grilled turkey legs with... you guessed it, veggies. 

Some leftover Lentil Stew! 


Some sprouts like those from Thanksgiving, on top of rye bread with hummus. 

This pic is of random leftovers. Hummus, tomato salad with olive oil dressing, carrots! 

Gimme all the fats.

I like this Yogi tea. They come with cute messages! 

Huge almond butter jar from Costco. No need for this now that I can make my own!


Lol! Just the usual. 

What have you been eating lately?


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