Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOW Link Up 4/16/14



Diatta Harris
Femme Fitale Fit Club

Sheila Simmons
The Frugal Exerciser



Sheila Simmons
The Frugal Exerciser


Hey there guys! I am thrilled to announce that I will be co-hosting the WOW Link Up on Wednesday's alongside the lovely hostess and cohosts above.

The WOW linkups are a popular post from Diatta with Femme Fitale Fit Club. (We are also partnering up to do our #FitTube Fitness Tag, so be sure to check that out!!) 

Check out some of my fitness scenes and interests from the week and dont forget to link up your post at the end!! Your post can be anything, as long as it is fitness/health related. 

Videos and Fitness Posts I'm Loving 

Michael Kory recently posted a new recipe video on his channel. I love his channel and think this guy really knows his stuff. Show Michael some love and check out his Youtube channel!

Do You Really Have a Damaged Metabolism? Sweat Like a Pig offers some great insight on how to tell if you might be suffering from this condition. I love Tara's blog and think she is very knowledgeable. The girl has competed in STRONGWOMAN competitions for heavens sake! 

How I View Food: Now vs Then I adore Heather and enjoy reading her blog posts, especially when they talk about her progress and success finding peace with healing her gut (just like I am!) and other food related issues. 

Cinnamon Sweet Potato "Dessert" Juice I admit, I'm not sure how great raw sweet potato would taste! But hey, worth a shot! 

600 Rep Home Crossfit WOD All you need is a kettlebell and some space. And holy cow! SO MANY PUSHUPS. I love it. 
Please feel free to link up with us... share your blog posts! 


Lindsay T. said...

DEF trying that crossfit at home workout! Thanks for hosting WOW linkup!

GiGi Eats Celebrities said...


Femme Fitale Fit Club said...

I am definitely a fan of Michael Kory. I cook and prepare his recipes all the time and they are delish!!! #wowlinkup