Monday, January 13, 2014

My Week of Workouts #2

Time for another dose of my weekly workouts!

I would like to note that I am SUPER excited to start working out with some of the awesome teachers up at my school again.

These lovely ladies are so enthusiastic...I am blessed and honored that they want me to help them with healthy eating and working out. It gives me so much experience, and I couldn't think of a better way to begin working with others in fitness.

Right now, I plan on meeting with them four days a week. After Tuesday's workout (our first workout together), where I put them through an awesome 25 minute HIIT workout, they agreed that we should start off with two HIIT days, and two yoga days.  I will be sure to include the workouts I give them in addition to my own!


1 minute incline sprint
1 minute burpee roll overs (1 burpee, then roll on backwards on back, roll forward and jump back up on feet. Repeat)
1 minute down up plank
1 minute high knees


Benchpress: 10,10,5,5,5,3,3,5,8,8 (Start with low weight, add weight up till 3 reps, then go down again.)
Peck Deck: 15,15,12,12,10,10,12 (Same as above)

Incline DB press-12
Flat bench fly-12

(Heavier) Incline DB press-8
Down up pushup--8

Finish with abs 

Power Yoga 
Blogilates Victoria Secret Abs workout 

Teacher's Workout:
45 sec on, 15 sec off x25 

Squat jumps
Jumping Jacks
Burpees with mountain climbers
Back lunge kick right
Back lunge kick left 

Posted this on Instagram. I've got my post Bob Harper mean face on! 

Just like last week, I did Bob Harpers Cardio Conditioning. I ended with some glute work... donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and leg circles on each side. Woo hoo!

I also led the teachers in a yoga workout, about an hour long. I focused on basic movements and stretching... really I just wanted to take things slow and see where they were at. 


Burpee pushup x10

Deadlift 4x12 (increase weight)

Barbell Bent Over Row 4x12

Single Arm Row 4x12
DB Pullover 4x12

Back Extensions with 25lb weight plate (this was tough!!) 3x12

Behind back lat pulldown 4x12
Double arm row 4x12
Rear Delt Fly 4x12  

Teachers Workout:
45 sec on, 15 sec off x25

5 plank jacks, 10 jump rope
High knee with butt kick
Jump Lunges
Tricep dips with mountain climbers
Front+back kick

An awesome workout I AM loving. I found it on Krissy's Facebook. 

Pushpress 10,8,6,4 (increase weight each set)

DB frontal raises x10
DB corkscrew press x10
AMRAP face pulls

x3 rounds

BB behind the back shrugs x10
DB should "L" raises
AMRAP Shoulder pushups

KB high pulls x10
DB lateral raises x10
AMRAP DB bent over reverse flys

I don't meet with the teachers on Friday.

Leg daaaaaay!! Did the same I did last week, with a few modifications. 

10 burpees
12 sliding lunges, forwards and back (equals 1 rep)x12 ES

10 1 leg weighted burpees ES

Squats (increasing weight each time)
Squat Jumps xnumber of squats done

10 Bulgarian Split Lunges ES
10 Weighted Step Ups ES

1 Minute weighted walking lunges 

Leg Curls (1/4 method)x10
Glute Cable Kickbacks x12 ES
Leg Extensions (28 method)


Couldn't make it in to the gym today, so did this workout. Took an hour exactly. 

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